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We are a firm of Accountants who provide Virtual Finance Director services based in Melton Mowbray. Because your success matters, and we can help you. We specialise in construction, the automotive & motor industry & manufacturing.

Our Finance Director and exit planning services aim to help ambitious businesses that have grown: who typically have 5 or more employees, and turnover between £1 & £5 million, to plan their futures, so they can thrive, scale and exit successfully. Our part-time & virtual services mean you get this expertise in your team within your budget.

Your successful business needs a strong finance team to help craft a detailed strategic plan, that you understand & can work on, which focuses your attention on the key areas critical to success. One that is based on your goals and some blue sky thinking, to help you boost profitability, your take-home pay and increase the value of your business.

Would you like to work with a network of specialists in business growth, who you can draw on to help you get spectacular results quickly and easily? You need different types of help at different stages of your business journey, and we are part of the Growing Your Numbers team to facilitate this for you.

How would you feel if in 5 years you could choose to stop working & draw over £70k a year?

Use our expertise to focus on small 1% continuous improvements in a few key measurable areas, the results of which compound together to make a massive difference quickly and easily: that’s Blueski Financial Synergy.

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We love working with the Automotive & Motor Industry, Construction & Manufacturing businesses

You reap the benefits of working with experts, who have over 20 years of experience in your sector, to help you build a profitable and sustainable business.

In this fast-moving, digital world, many businesses focus on short-term results driven solely by return on investment at the expense of their people, their customers, and even themselves.

If you believe there is another way, where profit and sustainability should be at the heart of building a successful and valuable business, why not work with people who have the same values?

We help by providing owners with insights and best practices so they can make better decisions. If you want to know more, please click on the links below created just for you:

Would you like to double the money in your bank account or clear your overdraft in two months, increase your take home pay & the value of your business this year, double your sales & profits in two years?

 You can do this using Financial Synergy to tweak just a few profit & cash drivers, just a little each month.



We help you get the basics right and understand them: systemise operations, know your numbers, accelerate customer payments, reduce costs...


Feel in the dark about your business & tax responsibilities, and want to understand your numbers? You can have Knowledge & Peace of Mind.



To get more time, more profit, more freedom. We help develop a strategy, optimise operations, and keep you on track...


Build up the value of your business and make your business saleable for £Millions, doing this is really just good business practice.

What our Clients say...

Josef has been our Accountant for over seven years now and we very much view him as part of our team. During that time, he has always helped us and supported us with any challenges. He proactively helps us to improve our reporting and understanding of the numbers as our business grows, and he keeps a keen eye on our future and tax planning. Recently, his input has been invaluable helping us to get to real time reporting, which means we now feel we have complete control of the whole of the business’ Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss Account. This is a big help, because I now authorise with complete confidence the value of replenishments of our stock of vans, knowing exactly how much we can afford to spend. I highly recommend him and look forward to his continued support in the future.

Doug MD, DVS Commercials

Josef has been our Accountant since we set up our company, nearly 14 years. He is always on the other end of the phone when we need him, with a good ear & makes good suggestions. He is proactive in tax planning & tax advice, making sure we talk through the options before our year end. We make good profits & always have a healthy balance in our business bank savings account. Despite me being a little sceptical, he introduced us to QuickBooks & Dext. I haven’t used a computer since we switched over, using my mobile phone for everything, & spend zero time in the office. Brilliant!

Matt Director, Booth and Lane

Josef has been our Accountant since we Incorporated the company in 2008. In that time our building company has grown to a seven-figure turnover & regular six-figure profits. Josef has set us up with QuickBooks & Dext, we always know our numbers, and have a tax planning meeting before the end of the financial year to plan ahead for this overhead. Everything is always explained in a way we understand & we always know in advance how much tax we have to pay and when. There have recently been many fiscal changes in our sector, we always find out about these from Josef, and know about them before everyone else we work with. We have had two VAT inspections, both were handled without any fuss, with no adjustments made by HMRC. Because we import some materials to keep our customers’ costs down, we have had to address the problems of Brexit, which Josef has helped us solve. Josef is always helpful & available; he looks after us proactively, asking clear incisive questions & always comes up with good suggestions to problems. We highly recommend him.

Pawel MD, A&P Master Construction

Josef has been our Accountant since we set up our company, working in construction. He always has time for us and has set us up on QuickBooks & Dext; with his help bookkeeping, VAT and CIS compliance work is all done without any hassle. We greatly appreciate the tax planning & advice Josef and his team provide, and we are really happy to be able to pay ourselves without paying higher rate tax. Josef and his team are very helpful in other ways; providing references to secure mortgages for our homes (dealing quickly & effectively with any complexities raised by mortgage brokers & underwriters), he helps our Polish workers to get registered with HMRC, and has always sorted out any tax problems they’ve had, including a fully blown tax investigation. Recently he and his solicitor colleague have helped us get paid in full by difficult clients. I highly recommend Josef.

Michal Director, Borecki Ltd

When I joined as MD all we had were sketchy unreliable accounts, often showing a loss, which were never ready for Board Meetings, a £1.2m bank overdraft, and no budget or forecast for the year ahead. We brought Josef in to help: two months later we no longer had an overdraft, we had a clear budget agreed by the Board, and Management Accounts to look at a week before the Board Meeting. I had exactly what I needed, and we saved thousands in interest & bank fees for the company & the group. When we lost a big customer along with a large percentage of our turnover, with it. Josef was unphased & rose to the challenge; we worked together spotting inefficiencies & cutting overheads, & re-forecasting every month. By doing this we still turned a profit and had money in the bank.

Alan Managing Director, TimberTailors

We brought Josef in to help because we need a strong financial expert in the team. When he arrived we had just been put on 60 days payment terms by our blue chip customers in our engineering company, our cash had dried up but we couldn’t understand why. Josef came in and immediately said ‘How important are we to our customers, can they easily find someone else? … Then shall we ask for stage payments on our big capital projects?’ We did exactly that, with 25 to 50% on order, even with 60 days from the invoice date we already had cash in the bank before we started the work. He implemented a system to invoice & send out the invoices as soon work was done, and suggested we ask our suppliers for 60 day payment terms; most agreed once they knew who our customers were. Two months later we no longer had an overdraft, instead we had over £250k in the bank and were making good profits.

Tim Managing Director, Elsome Group

When I joined the company, we were making losses every month, which wasn’t too serious because we were a servicing a big group. Josef came to me, and said ‘Tony, wouldn’t it be good to get the group Directors off your back? …’ Then he with the group IT Manager produced a report detailing the income, direct costs & gross profit (or loss) made by each and every asset, which we grouped into classes of assets. From that information we were able to set appropriate depreciation rates for each category, identify the assets which were underperforming & replace them. The company started to show a profit every month, and he was right, it made my life much easier.

Tony Operations Director, MPH Ltd

I have complete confidence in Josef in doing my accounts and tax return.  He is always happy to go the extra mile, helping with me tax planning and ideas on running the business.  A great personal service and clear advice, I happily recommend him to anyone.

Danielle Zarebski

Several years ago, Josef was instrumental in setting up our property company as a vehicle to finance our retirement, and also with helping to run the business in a tax efficient way. As we now head towards retirement and the risks associated with the advent of new powers to tenants, we decided to sell our property portfolio. He has shown invaluable expertise to help us structure the deal and achieve our goals. We highly recommend Josef.

R.E.K. Properties

Finding and getting a good, qualified, dependable accountant can be a mine field. As business owners, we wanted to find one that we could build a strong working relationship with. Using Josef Accountants is the best decision we have made, Josef and his team are not only knowledgeable but are also extremely meticulous in their goal to provide us with a service that we can and do rely on. The peace of mind that this brings cannot be stressed enough. I would not hesitate to recommend Josef!

Z&J Matyl

I have complete confidence in Josef doing my accounts and tax return. He is always happy to go the extra mile, helping with me Pension and retirement planning, along with ideas on running the business. A great personal service and clear advice, I happily recommend him to anyone.

Bernard Ziarko

Josef communicates with me very clearly, making sure I understand what to do in terms of my Limited Company, and that I’m always compliant with all my responsibilities. He is always very quick, helpful with ideas, and gives good advice. I highly recommend Josef and his company because you and your business really matter to them.

Chris Bayne

Josef has been our Accountant since we set up our company, working in construction. He always has time for us, responds quickly, VAT & CIS compliance work is all done without any hassle. He set us up on QuickBooks & Dext; with his help bookkeeping is easy, I use mobile phone for everything, & spend very time in the office. The tax planning he & his team provide is great, and we are really happy recommend him.

Maciek K

I have complete confidence in Josef, it is an amazingly proactive personal service. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone seeking a new Accountant.

Catherine Foyster

Professional in his profession, always on time. We have been working with Mr. Jozef for 3 years and it is my best decision to have chosen him as my accountant.

Monika Zgorzelska


Starting Out - Accounting & Tax

You are just starting out on your journey, excited about your future – but how and where do you register your business? What’s the best business structure? There are many questions: we will always have your back and keep you compliant, but crucially, when you’re ready for more we’ll be there to support you.
Perhaps cash is tight and there’s never enough time; you don’t really understand your accounts, the jargon in them, and how the tax system works? You know your business isn’t achieving its potential, but can’t quite put your finger on what’s holding you back…
You want help to understand your numbers enough to manage cashflow, to make sound business decisions, improve sales, profit and plan for how much tax you need to pay and when.
Perhaps, you are having cashflow issues, we have strong proven strategies to help you, including making sure you have the right funding in place.
Let’s look at your business together, because you not only want to know where you are now, but also to achieve and fulfil your potential. We can help you understand and use your numbers.

Scaling Up - Virtual Finance Director (VFD)

Your business has grown to five or more employees and a big turnover: life is good. But you are still frustrated, working long hard hours, and there is still not enough money for the life you really want. You need a senior financial professional in your team, a Finance Director, Virtual or Part-time, at a cost you can afford.

You want to scale the business to increase profits, so you have more cash, time and freedom. With that success you are understandably nervous about your tax bills: you need help to plan for & reduce your tax bill, and know how much is payable and when.

We can help you to craft a plan with milestones, track performance and challenge and chase you to make sure you get there. Because what gets measured gets done.
Now that you are successful your family, your team and their families all depend on you. What if something happens to you and you can no longer work? You can plan for that as well; we can help with our Financial Freedom & Exit package.

Wealth - Financial Freedom & Exit

Your best opportunity as a business owner to achieve financial freedom is to build up a valuable business. But how do you do that?
Or, you are a successful employer and feel responsibility to your team, their families and your own family. If something happens to you, what happens to them?
Let’s plan for both these scenarios together.
You want enough money to do what you really want: holidays, quality time out, the house, the car and spare cash. Perhaps a business you can sell (or pass down to your children), or to cash in on all that hard work when you want to stop working or do something else, instead of just shutting the doors & throwing it all that hard work away – you could cash in & maximise your return.
To get there you will not only need discipline and systems, but also the right people around you, to make sure you get the best return on the investment you deserve. Do it as quickly as possible, because life is short.


It can be challenging to understand your numbers and make informed decisions about your money. We can help you gain confidence and take control, reach your goals and stay compliant.

Be inspired by seeing what could be achievable in 5 years, along with the milestones and accountability to make it happen.

Then, by working closely with us, you get to understand where you are now financially and build a medium or long term plan based on your personal and business goals, a target to aim for. You will feel more confident about your numbers, stress less about taxes, increase profits and take home pay.

With our support, you can focus on what you do best – running your business – while we take care of the financials and help you to achieve your goals, knowing we’ve got your back and are right there by your side.


For more information, call us on 01664 771041




Running your own business is a journey from A to E, where E is inevitably ‘Exit’.



Your forecast is a business map, not just a projected profit and loss statement, it is designed to help you check where you are on the journey.



There are a small number of key business growth drivers that apply to every business. Putting them together, tweaking each one a little every day, gives you great results from the compound effect.



You can look back on the financial year plan knowing that your profit, take-home pay, and the value of your business has increased, and whether you are on track to achieve your 3 or 5 year plan.